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What is grafotherm and why do we use it in our Self Storage containers?

Grafotherm is a brand name for a type of thermal insulation coating that is often used to spray the inside of containers. Here are a few reasons why UPAC Storage have chosen to use Grafotherm inside our containers:

  1. Temperature control: Grafotherm and similar coatings provide excellent thermal insulation properties. By applying the coating to the interior of a container, it helps to maintain the desired temperature of the contents. This is particularly useful for containers used in industries such as food and beverage, where maintaining the temperature of perishable goods is crucial.

  2. Energy efficiency: The insulation properties of Grafotherm can contribute to energy savings. By reducing heat transfer, the coating helps to minimise energy consumption required for heating or cooling the container's contents.

  3. Condensation prevention: When there are significant temperature differences between the contents of a container and the surrounding environment, condensation can occur. Grafotherm helps to prevent condensation by providing a barrier between the container and the external environment, reducing the risk of moisture buildup and potential damage to the contents.

  4. Product protection: Certain products, such as chemicals or sensitive electronic equipment, may require insulation to protect them from temperature fluctuations or environmental conditions. Grafotherm can provide an additional layer of protection by creating a thermal barrier inside the container.

  5. Sustainability: Some thermal insulation coatings, including Grafotherm, are designed to be environmentally friendly. They may have low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions, be free from harmful substances, or contribute to energy savings, aligning with UPAC's sustainability goals.

It's worth noting that Grafotherm is just one brand of thermal insulation coating, and there are other similar products available on the market with different brand names.

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