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How much can I store in a 20ft Container?

Updated: Jan 19

Whether you're storing personal items or business inventory, understanding the capacity of a 20-foot container is essential. As a homeowner or business owner, there's a high likelihood that you'll find yourself utilising this type of storage space at some point in your life.

A standard 20-foot container has the following dimensions:

  • The external dimensions are: 20’ long x 8’ wide x 8.6’ high (6.06m long x 2.44m wide x 2.59m high).

  • The internal dimensions are: 19’ 4” long x 7’ 9” wide x 7’ 10” high (5.90m long x 2.35m wide x 2.39m high).

A standard 20ft container generally provides approximately 160 square feet of floor space. This calculation is derived by multiplying the container's length (20ft) by its width (8ft). This square footage serves as a practical estimate for planning purposes, offering insights into the storage or transportation capacity of a 20ft container.

Using these measurements, we can determine the floor area and volume within a 20-foot storage container:

The available floor area is approximately 14.86m² or 160 square feet. The internal volume is roughly 33m³ or 1165.38 cubic feet. It's important to mention that not all of the internal volume is usable – the actual volume of usable storage space is usually around 28m³ or 988.8 cubic feet.

Now that you're aware that the typical usable space inside a 20-foot container is around 28m³, let's delve into what you can actually accommodate within this volume. Here, we've outlined various items that can be stored using this available space.

A 20-foot container offers versatile space for a range of items. It's an ideal capacity for accommodating the belongings of a 3-4 bedroom house, allowing for a significant amount of furniture, numerous boxes, and even family bikes! Certainly, this is not an exhaustive list! The flexibility of a 20-foot container allows you to mix and match various items from your home or business.

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